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Manual Handling


Getting to grips with Manual Handling

What’s the problem?

It has been proved that more than a third of over three-day injuries reported each year to the HSE and local authorities are caused by manual handling ie the transporting or supporting of loads by hand or body force.

Manual handling is not just restricted to certain industries - injuries can occur wherever people are at work from offices to farms to factories and warehousing etc.




The training of manual handling is not a substitute for carrying out a risk assessment to identify if any form of mechanical aid could be employed to avoid any manual handling.

The training will take the form of instructing the person the correct method of lifting and carrying the items which may be specific to that individual or it could be generic based on the organisation's process, this would be based on the risk assessment.  

It should also be recognised that manual handling is not solely associated with lifting and carrying but also to pushing and pulling heavy loads ie a non mechanical  pedestrian pallet truck with a heavy load. The legal guidelines are:  force to stop or start the load Men 20kg, Women 15kg:  sustained force to keep the load moving Men 10kg, Women 7kg.

At A14 Training we run half day courses of normally up to 6 people (dependant on the organisation's operation) either on the customer’s site or at our training centre in Harleston.

The training takes the form of both theory and practical by the instructor  and the delegate demonstrating a good technique, the instructor making corrections as required, the basic elements covered are:

Risk factors and how injuries can occur

Good handling techniques (both lifting, pushing and pulling techniques).

Appropriate systems of work for the environment.


The cost per half day for up to 6 people is £210.00 or £45.00 per individual  plus VAT

Certificates of attendance are issued to each individual attendee.

To make arrangements for any group or individual training please call us on 01379 854486 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

In addition to our Manual Handling training we sell Powered Stair Climbers that solve manual handling issues of lifting up to 300kg up stairs.

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